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Air to high temperature heat pump market and technology has great potential

www.solarcollectormanufacturer.comWith people constantly chasing new products for the requirements of the standard of living and quality, heat pump into people's daily life, this high-tech products to take advantage of geothermal energy, to bring comfort and convenience quality, more energy Solar collector supplier saving and environmental protection concept has brought a lot of progress. Especially the emergence of high temperature air source heat pump for the heat pump is a supplement to, and progress, and heat pump products timely Solar collectors updates and upgrades for the industry as a whole is an important role.

Main city street facades and solar water heater remediation started

Recently, the the Xin'anjiang an important node in the Solar water heating factory main city facades and solar water heaters remediation started construction. Pre thorough investigation, demonstration program and design bidding to determine Xin'an Road 73, Xin'an Road 72 A, Xin'an Road 71 A three houses facade renovation; 16 the Luo Tong community west of the city food market, new electric cell housing more than 500 households for solar water heaters remediation, remediation during the above households to pay attention to security, with the construction.

Installation and use of solar water heaters in winter Note

Installation and use of solar water heaters in winter Note
Blink of an eye to the winter season, the temperature Solar water heater china every day low, it is this cold winter, we desire and the greater the demand for hot water, and solar water heaters as energy saving and environmental protection products, affordable, became the winter home hot water supply product of choice, but the Solar water heater manufacturer installation and use of solar water heaters in the winter need to pay attention to the following questions.

The new solar photovoltaic energy industry ten years the "Great Leap Forward"

    Zhou Dadi, researcher at the Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission, the executive vice president of the China Energy Research Society, told the author, "In recent years, China's biomass investment in research and Solar water heater manufacturer demonstration projects and large-scale construction has made great progress. Currently our biomass many millions of kilowatts of installed power capacity has reached. "

600 million yuan to subsidize air to water heaters have broad market prospects

From June 16 finalists since the country first round saving products, air heat pump water heater has been widespread concern in the industry with its energy efficient, safe and environmentally friendly, all-weather running, easy to use, and many other advantages.

The heat pump and boiler combined with hot water engineering new hot water

The heat pump manufacturers have been keen to promote the heat pump hot water boiler engineering, solar thermal is transformed into heat pump hot water works, or a combination of solar and heat pump two kinds of hot water equipment. Numerous Projects, also proved that it is a truth, no matter what kind of hot water equipment program, we must allow reasonable energy-saving program and reliable quality, the terminal no longer have Solar hot water system to worry about no longer appear in the process of using the hot water interruption the circumstances, be considered a true sense on energy-saving, then, would have been willing to industry recommended.

Solar hot water systems to lead the new green building Weathervane

Consumer market demand-oriented service platform of solar thermal utilization in the broad prospects and trends of the future "and building integrated solar contest has begun. China solar thermal industry engineering revolution "Evolution, all once Solar water heater again pulled back to the original starting line in the competition. From a single the terminal retail product competition, turned to new business models to the operating system, supporting the overall at the core, to participate in multi-subject game.

The sun can do both at home and abroad, pattern and future prospects analysis

【 abstract 】 】 with global conventional energy shortage and more people make use of in the new energy to enhance the consciousness, the country through a lot of investment, solar drying and use in our country and the scientific and technical scheme, the fast development of the study.


Solar photovoltaic power generation market earlier layout in zhejiang province

 "you are responsible for power generation system installed in the west? If the construction, the efficiency of the system can achieve power station?" Is a 2012 Shanghai international solar industry and pv projects exhibition, many domestic pv modules manufacturer concerned about building the power station. The personage inside course of study thinks, this year is expected to become the domestic pv power generation market start first year.


Apple 20 megawatts solar farm, officially allowed to build

North Carolina public utilities commission this week approved 20 megawatts of solar farm apple application. According to the application documents, apple plan in November 1 solar farm, complete,Solar water heater china...



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