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Solar water heater

Also called solar domestic hot water systems—can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. They can be used in any climate, and the fuel they use—sunshine—is free.
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Also to use the solar energy high-rise building

      February 17,, the reporter walks into zhongtian construction group kirin bay when the site of the project, the project GuoHuanMin party branch secretary wearing galoshes meet up.
      "I was with several workers together brush toilet." GuoHuanMin told reporters, last night the management conference held project department, strictly according to the requirements on the construction site city environmental health, at the request of the site to beautify the environment. Then, the reporter found that the site in addition to normal construction outside, the rest in almost all the busy environmental health. Some measures, even journalists have been unexpected.
      Site XiMenKou in the south, a culture of wall behind, more than a dozen workers are cleaning the stones on the earth. GuoHuanMin said, that place has been used to pile up stones, steel. They thought after research, from here to the mountain in shansi way too close, not only easy to cause the dust, also can let people to leave the site outside after bad "first impression". "We here, then swept clean hardening green."
      The northeast of the site is a wasteland, some workers are on the wasteland of the debris clearing. "You guess we want to doing here?" GuoHuanMin sell a imprison son. "To vegetables?" The reporter sees is among a few vegetables wasteland strip. "Wrong, we have to build a standard basketball court."
"The workers also like to play basketball?" "This, of course, but for the workers opinion decision." GuoHuanMin said, before this wasteland covered with the waist-deep weeds, they put the weeds out, at first just want to put a hardening here. Later, the workers reflect the site although built table tennis room, but too many people play not to come over, hope to be in here to build a basketball court.
      "And built to plant trees kiosks, tea..." GuoHuanMin says the site has too many things to do, do is to want to make the site of clean beautiful, change people in the image of the construction site dirty, disorderly and poor impression, try to give the workers create a feeling of home.
      It is reported, the urban construction bureau has issued special measures for the construction site, ensure the construction site effectively prevent dust pollution, and to enhance the overall level of the civilized construction. These include, Solar hot water system construction site shall be set up around the WeiDang continuous, airtight, all closed construction, road along the street from an altitude of no less than 2 meters; Turkmen, engineering waste and garbage pile up be centralized, and shall not exceed the height WeiDang height, and take the film covering reaching, curing measures, etc.
      The urban construction bureau of supervision and coco CaoYong controlsafety standing long to tell a reporter, to the city every day to project under construction environment health inspection. Once found dust, site, regardless of the rectification can on the spot, not at the time of the rectification within a time limit and reform, deadline substandard, shutdown the improvement.
Senior years complete coverage of solar energy
      February 17 afternoon, sunny. Yan yuntai TRW jre under construction of building no. 9 downstairs, engineering manager at jade and high three-ring solar company's technical personnel, for the high-rise building solar installations and discuss again.
      High toward the jade introduces to the reporter said, according to the urban construction energy conservation construction requirements, top of the installation of solar energy to do "synchronization design, simultaneous construction, synchronous date, synchronous acceptance, synchronous consign use". At present, this village building is to press the standards of construction.
      "In response to the top by small to top development, in order to get the top residents to use solar energy, the company specialized technical research. In the end, realized the high concentrated heated, centralized heat supply technical requirements." Solar collector Zhang zhi4 courageously three-ring engineering, told reporters on a heated than single household heating is more big single, "especially can guarantee the 24 hours, it is the same hotel heating of the service."
      The urban construction bureau of the JieNengBan director LiQingXiao tells a reporter, the city is energetically carry out solar building integration, strong push by solar energy integration multilayer, small high-rise buildings to senior outspread, make full use of the solar energy that a green energy, resolutely go ecological development way. Before the end of the year, and strive to achieve a complete coverage of the top solar energy, let this city new buildings renewable energy utilization the first, and reached the national high level.
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