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Solar water heater

Also called solar domestic hot water systems—can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water for your home. They can be used in any climate, and the fuel they use—sunshine—is free.
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Solar pv industry after integration is facing another high growth

      The domestic market will continue to exceed expectations, part price is expected to rise further subsidies
      Because our country this year on the solar industry of the industry, the power, pv of last year's new installed 500 MW up to this year's 1.8 GW, go beyond the market consensus expectations, and from the state "1025" raised during the planning to 15 GW installed photovoltaic (pv) to see, the future photovoltaic industry installed new than expected is big probability events. First of all, with the recent polycrystalline and pv modules of prices tumbling, Solar water heater power station return on investment continue to rise sharply, according to our estimates, at 1.15 yuan/degree under the power, most of the northwest region return on investment would be as high as 10% above, the owner will have power extremely to photovoltaic power station for investment.
      Second, renewable energy price additional improve, is expected to solve photovoltaic capital bottleneck, according to our estimates, if renewable energy additional once again raised, 2015 can subsidies photovoltaic power station will be installed to 43 GW, capital bottleneck is expected to come around for the termination of the subsidies alone provides the necessary support price, the domestic market is expected to continue than expected.
      The debt crisis, the United States "double reverse", the German installed the value of the cut that growth in external demand
      But from the global demand to see, because trapped in Europe debt crisis, three quarters of photovoltaic power station since the financing channel appear rupture, Italy and other European countries market decline significantly.Solar water heating  At the same time, the U.S. government has now put on record to domestic pv enterprise levy of 100% anti-dumping punitive tariffs on, if the "double reverse" filed through the, the domestic enterprise will lose nearly two years the fastest growing market in the United States was not too good for the industry fundamentals "to".
      In addition, the German government recently also consider further cuts in photovoltaic subsidies, and for the next year 臵 1 GW installed photovoltaic (pv) set the limit, in 2010 the European market growth overall risk facing stagnant.
      Polycrystalline silicon industry is expected to good leading enterprise integration
      The letter to work the investigation of polysilicon enterprise is to encourage clear signal consolidation in the industry, will cost and scale of the enterprise has no advantage to phase out went out the development of future industry bring guarantee. At present, only poly association xin, shin silicon industry, emei semiconductor, happy, Solar heater  auspicious and electric tianwei polysilicon, and five of companies of evaluation data comply with the national standards for admittance into industries, is expected to become the first through the review of the industrial access enterprise. Although polycrystalline silicon prices due to excess capacity recently also appeared sharp fall, but the industry is also entry threshold polysilicon highest field, in 2010, half of the poly rely on imports. From the policy guidance of countries to see, a is the support of the mainland enterprise bigger and stronger, and the second is eliminated capacity not the advantages of enterprise, the first into the list of enterprise in the access standard, is expected to get electricity price, capacity expansion policy tilt. Although at present the poly association xin and some foreign enterprise due to have the scale and cost advantage for most other mainland polysilicon enterprise squeeze bigger, Solar hot water system but with scale and technology progress, domestic polysilicon cost is also expected to gradually competitive, is worth the long-term, leshan power is a concern.
Photovoltaic power station and photovoltaic inverter is still the domestic market benefit of the highest degree start son industry
      Because of the price drop downstream components, pv electricity subsidies, the promulgation of the photovoltaic power station return on investment will continue to improve, power plant business owners will also is the domestic market after the start of the most benefit son industry, but because the power station resources in power generation group most master hand, private capital into huge difficulty, is expected to benefit from the listed company is not significant. On the other hand, due to external qualification limit and can't open foreign markets, Solar collector the inverter industry in the domestic market after the start will realize "import substitution", this round of qinghai photovoltaic power station of large-scale bidding a great domestic enterprise the inverter supporting project, is expected to domestic inverter manufacturer will continue to benefit from it. Of course for inverter industry for, how to avoid market watch after startup, returned to the component industry price war is the future of the industry--the biggest problem.